Wooyoung Admits He Almost Left 2PM And Why He Decided To Stick

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2PM’s Wooyoung sat down for an interview recently in which he opened up about 2PM as a group and shared why he almost quit being a part of the group.

Wooyoung made his Korean comeback for the first time since 5 years with “Don’t Cry,” he stressed that he values 2PM members a lot and that they’re the top priority of his life.

Wooyoung said,

“2PM is the reason I am alive. The reason why I want to make music and the reason why I am promoting solo as well is 2PM. My love for the members is undying.”

Wooyoung revealed that he had wanted to enlist early in the military but decided to withhold because of his members, he then chose to promote as a solo as a part of 2PM. The idol then reevaled that he is planning on enlisting in the military around the second half of 2018.

Wooyoung also talked about the difficult times he went through and shared why he almost gave up his singing career, he explained,

“I was very confused about 5 years ago. I jumped on this path and auditioned to become a member of 2PM because I loved music. But then I ended up gaining fame and wealth at a very young age, at a certain point it felt strange and fame became uncomfortable.

It might sound cheesy, but the reason I was able to overcome my angst was 2PM. Honestly, I wanted to give up everything but I couldn’t betray the five members. I thought it won’t be right to leave them behind.

I still feel the same way, and even if the rest of the members decide to leave because of personal reasons, I am going to stay until the very end.”

He also revealed that the members still share a strong bond and meet up whenever they can, he predicted that it might take 2PM 4 to 5 years to assemble again and promote as a group.

We’re glad he didn’t leave!

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