Rising Rookie Idol Goes Viral For Discouraging Fellow Students From Breaking Social Distancing Measures By Partying

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Rising rookie idol Woonggi from TOO has gone viral and it’s the most wholesome story you’ll read today!

Last night, a student from a Kakaotalk Chat room with students from Woonggi’s college posted screenshots of the idol telling off his fellow students about meeting up while there were restrictions and bans on meetings of over 5 people, this happened back in January when the Seoul area was still under Level 2.5 social distancing restrictions and social gatherings of five or more people were banned everywhere in the country.

The original chat room has many students, some of them were discussing gathering to have a drinking party and many of them were planning on attending, however, Woonggi saw that and wrote,

“Hello, this is Cha Woonggi, an acting major. This is the entire 21 class group chat room, I think you’re crossing the line with your words and I don’t think having a 20-person drinking party in Konkuk University is something to brag about.”

Many students responded with texts like ‘let it go,’ ‘what are you trying to say,’ and more, Woonggi reaffirmed his position by stating that they were told no more gatherings of over  5 people were allowed, and that he felt off about the suggestion.

The original poster of the screenshot had uploaded them without Woonggi’s knowledge or consent and it appears that their original intension was to make fun of him, however, it backfired on them, and Woonggi has been receiving much attention from the press and praise for hi actions.

Woonggi will turn 20 years old in Korean age this year and he’s scheduled to enroll in the Acting and Arts Major in March. Woonggi was active as a child actor in many dramas over the years and has appeared on the 2019 Mnet show “World Klass” and debuted with TOO in 2020.

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