Woollim Entertainment CEO Hits INFINITE Woohyun On The Head During Live Stream, Issues An Apology To Fans

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Woollim Entertainment CEO Lee Jung Yeop is under fire for his recent actions!

Recently, INFINITE Woohyun turned on instagram live with Sunggyu and CEO Lee Jung Yeop, they were having drinks. From the looks of it, the CEO appeared to be hammered during the live broadcast.

Lee Jung Yeop is under fire for what he said and did to the INFINITE members during the live broadcast, when Woohyun asked if his face was visible during the broadcast, Lee Jung Yeop replied,

“You’re at 80 kilograms, stop it.”

The CEO also swore during the live broadcast, and near the end of the live broadcast, Lee Jung Yeop hit Woohyun’s hat, Woohyun remarked,

“You say that right? He hits me like this. He hits me too much.”

The CEO replied with,

“I hit you, so what’s the problem?”

After fans saw replays of the broadcast they became furious with the way he treated the INFINITE members, and on July 14, Woollim Entertainment posted the CEO’s apology.

He says that he ‘bows his head and apologize for the thoughtless and inappropriate words’ he said during the live broadcast. He also apologized to the two INFINITE members and the fans who supported the group and the agency.

He closed his statement with,

“I will be more careful of my words and actions so such a thing doesn’t happen again ever in the future. I am sorry.”

You can check out the live broadcast here:


What are your thoughts on this controversy?

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