WJSN Luda Addresses The Absurd Dating Rumors Connecting Her To MONSTA X’s I.M Over… Chopsticks

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WJSN Luda has made headlines for addressing her past false dating rumors that happened a long time ago, but why?

WJSN Luda held a V Live broadcast on August 18 titled “Ujung [WJSN’s official fanclub] who want to have delicious lunch together.”

Luda addressed the rumors directly, she talked about being into her 6th year in the industry and said she had to talk about her dating rumors.

The shocking part about this is the fact that she’s addressing rumors from five years ago, a fan had asked her for her ideal type at a fan sign event, she wrote down that she wanted someone who is good with using chopsticks and is left-handed.

For some very odd reason, some netizens began to connect Luda to MONSTA X’s I.M.

Luda explained why she wrote down what she did,

“I wasn’t that good at using chopsticks…. Since I am of the case where I had to try and do well, I said my ideal type was someone who is good at chopsticks.

However, a huge misunderstanding occurred. I’ve never said it was someone who is left-handed and good with chopsticks. I’ve wanted to say this for a while now.

When I was younger I had heard that left-handed people were smart. That’s why I said that. To be honest, they asked about my ideal type so I said that it has to be someone with good manners and then they asked me if there wasn’t something more special, so after thinking it through and attempting to say something special, it created a big misunderstanding.”

Luda then said that she feels as if her old ingestion is gone now and hopes fans understand why she had to address this absurd rumor.

What do you think of the absurd rumors connecting WJSN Luda to MONSTA X’s I.M? Did you even know about them?

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