WINNER’s Mino Back To Film Solo Debut MV, Due To Unsatisfactory Results

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WINNER’s Mino is filming for additional footage for his upcoming solo release.

WINNER’s Mino has been preparing for his solo debut for a while, Yang Hyun Suk has been teasing fans with news of his solo debut, Mino will be the first WINNER member to debut solo.

Fans have been asking about the progress of WINNER’s Mino solo album especially after it was revealed that BLACKPINK members will be also making a solo debut, fans feared that Mino’s solo debut album will be pushed back.

It seems like Yang Hyun Suk wasn’t satisfied with the results of Mino’s solo MV shooting, he posted two photos of Mino on a set and captioned,

“Made a decision to do additional MV shoot for MINO’s new song as the results were not satisfactory!! .. Pulling an all-nighter together <Director Seo, Hyun Seung>”

Usually, Kpop artists film for MVs shortly before the official release of their songs. This means that Mino’s upcoming solo debut might come very very soon.

For now, YG Entertainment hasn’t confirmed a debut date for Mino but anticipation is at all-time high, fans can’t wait to see and hear Mino’s solo debut tracks.

Who’s excited?

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