WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon Says He Should Get To Know NCT Mark Before Deciding Whether He Should Marry Him

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WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon has finally addressed the hilarious joke of marrying NCT Mark that became popular among fans.

Recently, WINNER appeared on “IDDP” to promote their most recent comeback. During the interview, the members took a look at various online content related to their group and the individual members. They covered the famous tweet by Lee Seung Hoon where he had previously posted about the results of a marriage quiz he’s taken.

The quiz he took was about what Kpop idol he had the chance of marrying, the results said he had a 4% chance of marrying none other than NCT Mark. Lee Seung Hoon explained to his members that he didn’t think it would become such a big happening,

But I didn’t know that it would create such a crisis, and I just tried it too. I said ‘I tried something you guys do’. but MARK has heard this news. Although I personally like MARK so much… Of course, I didn’t have any idea of getting married to him.. But, how should I say.. I mean, since they said there’s possibility of 4%…

But I do wanna talk with MARK. I guess I should talk with him about that…. We can’t get married just because we’re good singers.”

You can check out the hilarious interview below!

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