WINNER’s Song Mino Talks About His Sister Dan Ah, Netizens Shocked by Her Beauty

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WINNER Song Mino expressed his affection for his younger sister Song Dan Ah on the most recent episode of MBC’s entertainment show “Family Register Mate.”

“My sister likes to nag. She wants to receive love from me. She likes to communicate with me even if I just say only a word,” he said. “Even if I give her advice regarding her worries, the next day my mother tells me that Dan-ah liked what I said yesterday. I wonder if she’s my fan,” he said with a smile.

Along with this, her stylish sister’s beauty was unveiled, drawing attention.

Song Mino, who is a year older than his younger sister, said, “When we were young, I fought with my younger sister. During childhood, girls usually grow up faster, so my younger sister was stronger than me.”
When asked about one thing that the siblings can’t stand, Song Mino said, “It’s time to hear about my younger sister from outside. “I’m worried that I might have made a mistake if I come to hear a story about her being at a lounge bar or seeing her drinking beer in a pub.”

Meanwhile, Song Mino’s younger sister Dan Ah debuted as a member of the girl group New F.O. in 2011.

Isn’t these sibling’s relationship sweet?

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