WINNER Mino Falsely Accused By Dispatch? He Didn’t Perform At A Club But At A Private Guesthouse

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Fans of WINNER Song Mino are both relieved but also furious after reading Wikitree recent report.

Previously, Dispatch reported that WINNER Song Mino performed at a club in Gangwon Province amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite his clean image, netizens attacked him for his actions and for not abiding by social distancing measures despite the current situation.

YG then issued a response and stated that they will work harder to ensure that their artists abide by social distancing measures.

However, a recent wikitree report argues otherwise. According to Wikitree, Mino didn’t visit a club like Dispatch had reported but a guesthouse which is an entirely different thing. He had visited the guesthouse with his friends. The first four floors were guest houses; the 5th one was reserved as a ‘club house’ and used by guests to enjoy private parties together.

It is being reported that Mino stayed with his acquaintances there and the performance he held was a private thing with his acquaintances not at a public place like a club where it can be accessed by whoever easily.

Fans are relieved that Mino’s name was cleared but are furious with Dispatch for targeting Mino again. They’re demanding that YG takes strict legal action against Dispatch for this.

YG has not yet made a comment on the wikitree report. Stay tuned for updates.

What are your thoughts on this?

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