Will X1 And IZ*ONE Disband? Mnet Issues A Response About Future Promotions To Clarify Rumors

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X1 And IZ*ONE have been under heavy scrutiny following the huge controversy surrounding vote-rigging.

The PD of the show reportedly admitted to rigging votes for the last two seasons which could mean that members of X1 And IZ*ONE got into the group not by their hard work but through PDs choice which defeats the whole purpose of the show.

Following the huge backlash, some netizens started demanding both groups disband. As a result of the huge backlash, IZ*ONE was forced to postpone their comeback which was scheduled to drop on November 11.

X1 And IZ*ONE have been unable to promote normally ever since the controversy started.

On November 11, unverified reports came out, the reports claimed that X1 And IZ*ONE agencies were meeting up with Mnet to discuss whether the groups should disband or not with many agencies leaning towards disbandment due to the huge blow both groups took, they’re now being labeled ‘rigged groups’ and the members of both groups have been under heavy criticism as a result.

Mnet has released a statement regarding what will happen to X1 And IZ*ONE and whether they’ll disband or not.

On November 11, a source from Mnet told news outlets that its true they’re discussing the subject of X1 And IZ*ONE future promotions, however, ‘nothing has yet to be confirmed regarding the possibility of disbandment.’

The source also stated that they’re waiting for the investigation results. Added to that, sources from both X1 And IZ*ONE agencies told news outlets that they will be releasing statements about the group’s future activities soon.

In related news, the previously announced police debriefing on the “Produce” series’ manipulation investigation has been postponed from November 11 to 12.

Do you think X1 And IZ*ONE should disband or not?

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My Personal Thoughts

At this stage, it’s a lose-lose situation, but with all honesty, I highly doubt Mnet would easily let go of the millions of dollars they can make from these groups. Something even bigger has to happen for them to let go.

It sucks that members who have no choice in what they do get dragged through the mud like this. Many of them aren’t even 18 years old. Regardless of whether the members were even aware, I highly doubt they had a choice whether to deny or accept what their agencies did. Sadly, they’re receiving so much hate right now for reasons beyond their control. I also feel terribly sorry for those who got their places taken away.

I think it’ll depend on police debriefing tomorrow, if news outlets decide to reveal the alleged members who got in through rigging, I think it’ll be over. Disbanding before this happens [if it happens] could probably be the best choice to save face, because at least, the members can still start afresh in new groups, they still have fans who care about them, however, if the names are revealed, their careers will likely be over not to mention the agencies involved will take a huge hit.

It’s sad but also expected that the backlash is this severe, no one likes to be tricked into believing they had an effect when PDs were deciding whom to place where. Humans in general don’t like the feeling of being used, no one does….

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  1. I don’t think it’s the idols fault Mnet knows how to manipulate people so they most likely did that. But whatever happens one-its and wiz*ones should always support the idols and be by their side.
    #iz*one fighting

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