B1A4 In Talks To Renew Their Contracts

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B1A4 is in contract negotiation stage at the moment, their agency WM Entertainment revealed.

On April 23, industry representatives revealed that the group members’ contracts ended on April 23rd which marks the group’s 7th anniversary.

Their agency then released a statement confirming the industry representatives’ statements and added that the group has decided to extend their contracts until late June 2018.

The members have only extended but not renewed, the contract discussions are currently underway, WM Entertainment added,

“We will continue to discuss with the members the best way to renew the contract.”

This made B1A4 a little scared that the boys might end up not renewing their contract with the agency. However, some remain hopeful that the group might reach an agreement with B1A4 during the 3 months extension period.

The group debuted on April 23, 2011 with the single “O.K” from the EP Let’s Fly. B1A4 achieved success in Korea and Japan through the past 7 years; they have attracted fans from the national and international Kpop community.

Their singles usually achieve very good results in Korean music charts. For the past couple of years, the members have focused on establishing their own solo careers but reunited for an album each year.

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