Why YG’s Response About BLACKPINK Lack Of Promotions Does Little To Subside The Fandom Fury

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BLINKs have done something no other Kpop fandom has ever done, and it made headlines everywhere.

BLINKs placed a truck with an ad about why they believe BLACKPINK are being mistreated, they listed their demands of better promotions for BLACKPINK members. The truck was placed in the same street as YG Entertainment headquarters for the entire world to see.

BLINKs had previously attempted to get a response from the agency a couple of times, they even trended hashtag in Korean and English demanding an adequate response from YG about why BLACKPINK lack activities despite being a group who’s 3 years old. The girls still haven’t released a full album yet which is practically unheard of for any popular group of their status.

The ad actually paid off, YG Entertainment issued the following response:

“YG is all ears when it comes to fans’ concerns regarding all of our artists including BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK has successfully wrapped up their world tour this year that consisted of 32 concerts in four continents and 23 cities, and they are currently on their Japanese dome tour. At the same time, they are recording several new songs in the studio.

We ask you to send BLACKPINK warm words of support, as they are working hard to prepare for their new album with goals for release in early 2020.

All of us at YG would like to express our deepest gratitude to fans for the feedback and support, and we will always do our absolute best to bring the best music YG has to offer.”

Fans couldn’t believe that YG actually responded to them after so much effort, however, the agency response did little to calm down the angry fandom and you can easily understand why if you take a closer look.

Back in early 2019, Yang Hyun Suk opened up about his plans for BLACKPINK in a blog post; he talked about Rose upcoming solo (which is yet to be released) and comeback promotions for the group. BLACKPINK were initially supposed to come back in late 2019 but that was delayed to early 2020, although, we still don’t have an approximate date set.

Due to YG and its founder consistently telling the fandom about their plans for the group but never actually following through, you can only imagine how the fandom felt when reading the statement above.

If you take a look at the responses to the statement tweet, you can see how little the fandom trusts YG with BLACKPINK, many still feel they haven’t gotten the answer they wanted because the statement doesn’t even clarify anything nor adds any new information BLINKs weren’t already aware of.

On the other hand, there are also many BLINKs who are hopeful and glad YG responded back, they shared their hopes of the girls actually getting the promotions they deserve.

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Take a look at fans’ response below:

What do you think of YG’s response?

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