Why This SEVENTEEN Mingyu Thoughtful Action Towards ITZY Yeji Is Going Viral

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SEVENTEEN have recently made their comeback and the boys are currently promoting on music shows, JYP new rookie group ITZY is also promoting their newest hit release.

Mingyu happens to be the MC of SBS “Inkigayo,” during the show he hosts and performs as well. During his MC part with ITZY something adorable happened and fans can’t stop praising him for his gentle manners.

During the interview Mingyu thought that Yeji titled back because she was about to fall, he quickly extended his arm behind her to protect her from falling back saving her a possible embarrassing moment on TV. He also had kept his hands away from her body but enough to be able to catch her if she falls backward.

Luckily, Yeji was actually only moving a step backward but if you weren’t paying attention to her feet but to her upper body you’d think she was about to trip and fall.

His adorable quick reaction soon made headlines and Mingyu name even trended as a result. Mingyu is known for his manners and fans can’t help but fall in love with him seeing how he protected a junior idol.

Check out the clip below:

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What do you think of his actions?

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