Why The FBI Got Involved In Protecting Stray Kids Before Recent Show In Oakland

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The FBI had to get involved after threats were made to Stray Kids’s safety.

Stray Kids are currently touring the U.S. However, fans became fearful after an anonymous netizen threatened their lives before their show in Oakland. The netizen went as far ahead to claim they will be bringing guns, this immediately caught the attention of fans who rushed to inform the local authorities as well as JYP Entertainment

Later, Oakland police department issued a statement to Twitter to confirm they were aware of the threats being made against Stray Kids. They wrote,

“OPD is aware of threats concerning the Stray Kids concert tonight at the Oakland Arena. We take threats very seriously. The safety of our community is paramount. OPD is working w/ the Oakland Arena & FBI to ensure the safety of attendees. Additional officers will be present”

Oakland police

Thankfully, the show went on without any hiccups and the concert was a huge success.

What are your thoughts on this scary situation?

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