Why Suga Couldn’t Attend J-Hope’s Pre-Release Party For “Jack In The Box”

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Last night, BTS J-Hope hosted an exclusive party inviting some of the biggest names in the industry to celebrate his solo album. Fans have noticed that Suga wasn’t among the attendees and have been wondering why!

Five of the six BTS members attended the party and fans noticed that Suga wasn’t present among them, this led to many asking why Suga wasn’t at the party. Both Suga and J-hope have since stepped up to explain why.

On July 15, J-hope held a live stream to celebrate his new solo album. During the live broadcast, he touched on the reason behind Suga’s absence.

J-hope explained that Suga had planned on coming and was even picking the outfit but he got a high fever on the party day and had a little cold, J-hope added,

“we spoke to each other and decided it would be better not to attend. Its sad for me too, because to be honest, the members are the most important to me. I wanted the members to hear it so badly.”

J-hope also said that Suga tested negative for COVID but said it would be better to be careful since many guests will be attending the party. J-hope said that Suga also felt disappointed and sad he couldn’t come.

Later, Suga also posted to Weverse to express his disappointment because he couldn’t attend, he said, “I suddenly had a fever since yesterday’s morning… I am so disappointed… Thankfully, my temperature is back to norma, so don’t worry too much. Congrats J-hope.”


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