Why ONCE Are Scared For TWICE Health Following Two JYP Announcements

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TWICE members’ health is causing concern among fans after two JYP announcements!

The girls are currently touring the world for their world tour and it seems that’s taking a toll on the members.

On July 5, JYP released a statement about Mina; they explain she won’t be participating in an event called ‘Pocari Challenge Teen Festa’ which took place on July 7. They didn’t elaborate on the exact reason besides stating that it was because of her health.

They concluded she should rest so she can recover quickly. The agency finished its statement asking for fans’ understanding.

However, that wasn’t the end of it, on July 7, JYP returned with a second statement announcing that Dahyun is also taking time off and won’t attend the same event ‘Pocari Challenge Teen Festa,’ which meant that TWICE performed as 7 members for that event.

JYP explained Dahyun won’t attend due to health concerns, they added that this decision came to be considering her health. Again, they apologized for relaying the message and asked for fans’ understanding.

TWICE rarely performed as 7 members in any event and the two announcements are worrying fans. The exact health concerns remain a mystery, every fan has a theory. Some suggest food poisoning, others believe its fatigue or injury. However, JYP didn’t comment on the exact health concerns each member is suffering from.

While it does leave room for speculations, it’s also assuring to see that JYP is stepping up to protect the members’ health.

TWICE are currently touring the world and are set to visit Singapore and Los Angeles in the coming weeks.

Wishing for Dahyun and Mina quick recovery!

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