Why Naver Recent Update To Curb The Hate On Articles Is Making Kpop Fans Very Happy

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Naver has updated their site and its making everybody very happy.

Up until now, Naver used a series of reactions to each article on the site; one of those reactions was the angry face.

A couple of months ago, Naver removed the comment section from its portal. Idols praised Naver since many of them suffer from terrible malicious comments that can be read on each article that appears on Naver, the hate idols received from Naver went away.

As of May 14, Naver has updated the site to remove the angry reaction. After the removal of the comment section, haters and antis have been using the ‘angry face’ reaction to downvote each article about idols they didn’t like. You’d surprisingly find articles about popular idols have such negative reaction from netizens.

But that’s not happening anymore. Naver has removed the angry face reaction and added more reactions, here are the ones available right now:

– Good

– Cheering

– Congratulations

– Looking forward to it

– Surprised

– Sad


Fans are celebrating the change, what do you personally think of this?  

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan

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