Why Is Dispatch Acting Like A Bitter Ex Towards BTS? Netizens Make Fun Of Dispatch After They Did This On Instagram

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Fans have been asking this interesting question, did Dispatch and Big Hit relationship go sour?

Recently, Dispatch has been the instigator behind two controversies related to Big Hit artists; Dispatch had previously never touched Big Hit artists. They, first, reported on Itaewon controversy (involving Jungkook) and followed with a report on Suga’s sampling controversy claiming that Big Hit lied in their statement.

Netizens have recently noticed that Dispatch’s official Instagram account has removed all traces of BTS from their profile, they were among the highlighted content but it’s now nowhere to be found.

However, it’s important to point out that Dispatch has removed all highlighted content not only BTS’.

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Regardless, K-netizens have been making fun of the way Dispatch has been acting these days, here are some of their comments on a community post about this topic,

why are they acting like they were dumbed from a relationship one-sidedly?

They’re acting mad and making a fuss by themselves

Good, they can now stop eating bangtan hard work

Why are you guys acting like that? other singers highlights were also removed but no one made an issue about it…



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