Why Fans Are Furious With YG And Why They Trended #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG

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YG Entertainment has managed to, yet again; infuriate BLINKs with their actions towards BLACKPINK.

It was a couple of things that made the fandom trend #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG. It all started with YG confirming Sechskies were set to come back on November 14, however, the time frame wasn’t decided yet. The issue came when it was also reported that the comeback of BLACKPINK would likely be delayed until next year. As you’d expect, BLINKs were furious because they had been expecting a comeback and Rose solo debut before the end of 2019, the agency had hinted at that previously.

To rub insult to injury, the official YG account tweeted this about BLACKPINK making it to “TIME 100 Next” list which names “100 rising stars who are shaping the future of business, entertainment, sports, politics, science, and more.”

In their original tweet, they used the term ‘we’ not even bringing up the group name which didn’t sit well with fans, eventually, YG deleted that tweet and rephrased it to better appeal to the demands of BLINKs but it was already too late, they began trending #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG.

BLINKs listed all the reasons they believe the girls deserved better, despite their status as one of the top girl groups of this generation, they still haven’t released a full album and their discography is short despite having debuted more than three years ago.

BLINKs also put evidence of how upset BLACKPINK members are with not being able to promote as often, the girls often talked about their fears of fans turning their backs on them with each hiatus they take. They also numerously told fans they’d love to sing them more song if they had them, here are some instances:

The way YG treats BLACKPINK as artists is even less comprehensible once you take a look at how much profit they generate to the agency, many fans heavily criticized the agency for not giving BLACKPINK the chance to grow as artists.

This is why many have been tweeting using #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG hashtag, YG hasn’t responded yet to fans’ demands and many doubt they would ever respond. This is also another issue with the fandom, the lack of communication between fans and the agency, the agency rarely listens to fans demands or protests, the fandom has been asking for a comeback for a long time.

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