Why Fans Are Convinced That IU’s Newest Hit “Eight” Was Dedicated To Sulli

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This fan-theory will bring tears to your eyes.

On May 6, IU and BTS Suga dropped “eight,” the amazing heartfelt song immediately shot to the top of Korean music charts, and naturally, fans began discussing the MV and the possible theories and meaning behind it and they’ve figured out something that’ll make you cry.

During the video, a girl in a white dress flies around happily while IU’s character looks at her and sings ‘are you happy now?’ fans are convinced that the girl in the white dress is Sulli.

It’s also been 8 years since IU and Sulli became friends, some of the song lyrics read,  

“I think I’ve lost everything, everything comes as it pleases and leaves without a goodbye,”

“I will always meet you in this memory, forever young.”

Many netizens believe that the song was to pay tribute to Sulli. IU had previously written the song “Red Queen” after Sulli. About “eight,” a fan account translated what IU had to say,

“The song is like a short novel of confession of my twenty-eight-year-old self to the fictional character ‘you’ using various metaphors. I’m not sure whether it comes from my personal feelings or from the general atmosphere of society that is enduring tough times together due to disasters, but my 28-year-old life is likely to be remembered as a recurring helplessness and fatigue, and a longing for the ‘Orange Island’ where ‘we’ were not sad and could be free.”

Fans are also pointing out that Sulli’s stylist was the one who worked with IU on the styling for this MV.


Check out the MV below if you haven’t already and click this to find out what records “eight” has broken so far.

Do you agree with this fan theory?

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