Why Dawn Ended Up Developing Social Anxiety Due To The Backlash Of His Dating News With HyunA

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It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine after Dawn (previously, E’Dawn) and HyunA confirmed to the press they had been dating for a couple of years.

When the dating news came out in August of 2018, they caused huge controversy, the fact that HyunA had been dating a rookie idol didn’t sit well with many and caused them issues that ultimately led to Dawn’s departure from his group and his agency.

Since then, things have drastically improved. They signed an exclusive contract with PSY’s agency P-Nation earlier this year and he recently made his solo debut. He has been promoting on music shows and appearing on variety shows since.

He recently made his first variety show appearance on “Radio Star,” and for the first time discussed what really went on during that turbulent time, he spoke about being forced to hide his love,

“Back then, I was forced to hide it because I was a trainee at the time. But I couldn’t bear to hide it anymore and articles were released. I felt as if I was lying to fans.

But I had a tough time. I was originally optimistic, but because I thought fans had turned their backs on me, I developed social anxiety.”

He also said he wasn’t easily affected by malicious comments but at that time, people he knew and trusted turned their backs on him which was also extremely hard to comprehend,

“I felt like I had lost everything, I also worried about even going outside fearing someone would recognize me.”

However, things did turn around for him. He said that he managed to get over that when he started using social media and found out there were lots of fans who supported him.

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We’re glad that he’s doing so much better these days.

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What do you think of the backlash they received when they confirmed their dating news? Do you think it was justified?

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