Were Gugudan Members Throwing Shade At Their Company For Not Properly Promoting Them?

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Netizens are discussing whether Gugdan has a future after two of its members’ recent Instagram exchange.

Gugudan member Soyee recently published an Instagram story, it’s a message exchange between her and fellow member Hana. Soyee sent Hana a snippet of text and added,

“Why do I feel like this so hard.”

Hana responded with,

“We’ve all felt it, that’s why. We all feel the same.”

The text snippet that Soyee sent reads,

“I need to wake up. I feel a tremendous amount of helplessness not being able to let go of what I want to do. Today was such a sad day.”

Netizens suspect that the members exchange has to do with the group’s inactivity. Gugudan last had a full group comeback in November of 2018, that’s nearly a year and a half ago. Aside from Sejong, the other group members have not been seen or heard of as much.

Gugudan’s label, Jellyfish Entertainment, is receiving backlash for not properly promoting the group despite their potential. Some fear that Gugudan will suffer the same fate as PRISTIN. Fans have been demanding a group comeback for a while now and are afraid of what will happen to the members if this situation persists.

Many fans believe that the two girls are trying to give fans a hint about their current state.

What do you think of this?

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