Rookie Boy Group WEi Fandom Name Finally Revealed, Here Is What It Means

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Rookie Boy Group WEi has unveiled their fandom name!

Wei accepted submissions of ideas for their fan club name from fans, and on November 9, they finally unveiled the official fandom name, the fandom will be called RUi.

The results were reached through a fan vote and taking into consideration the members final decision as well. RUi is described as “RU,” the 16th of 28 constellations, “WE” is the 17th. Just like “RU” illuminates the place that “WE” will rise to, RUi will shine on and guide WEi.

This isn’t the only name meaning, it also stands for “R U I?” (“Are you I?”), basically meaning that WEi and RUi ask each other the question to confirm they’re each other destiny.

The boy group announced the fandom name via a video which was also shared to their official twitter account.

WEi is a new boy group that made their debut in October with “TWILIGHT.”

Do you like the fandom name?

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