WayV’s “Phantom” Release Date Postponed Until Further Notice, Why?

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WayV’s highly anticipated upcoming album “Phantom” release date has been postponed!

Previously, WayV excited fans sharing a teaser photo of its members back on November 22 announcing their comeback. Since then, the group’s official social media accounts have been actively sharing teaser photos hyping up fans for the release.

However, on November 30, that came to a halt as the official Twitter account of the group released a statement announcing the release date of “Phantom” has been postponed. They wrote,

“Hello, this is LABEL V. We are sorry to inform you that the 4th Mini Album ‘Phantom’ which was planned to be released on December 9th, has been delayed.
And the releases of the various contents following the ‘Teaser Image 2’ which was scheduled to be released today at 10PM KST has also been delayed.
We would like to ask for your understanding and especially from the fans who have been waiting for WayV’s 4th Mini Album ‘Phantom’, and will make a separate announcement on the new release date.”

And the reason is likely due to the passing of a former Chinese president named Jiang Zemin, there is now a morning period in China and most entertainment activities of artists have been put on hold for the time being.

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