WayV Member Publicly Call Out Sasaengs And Share Shocking Photos Of Their Experience With Them, Fans Trend #ProtectWayV

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If you thought weather was going to stop these sasaengs, think again!

sasaengs [obsessive so-called fans] have long been an issue for kpop idols, from stalking them, to trying to get into the bathroom to follow them around, and to even more despicable behaviors,. sasaengs are considered one of the worst things any kpop idol has to deal with for being one and it looks like WayV members have had enough.

Currently, South Korea is in the middle of a heavy snowfall but that doesn’t mean a break for these sasaengs, no, it means they will still follow WayV while they film for one of their schedules.

On January 18, WayV members took to Dear. U Bubble to express their frustration with them snapping photos of the sasaengs camping outside their filming location brazenly taking photos with their big cameras.

Lucas said,

“Everyone, we’re currently filming for something

but such people have come

and the weather is also like this,

so why…

this is so ridiculous,


I am so angry.

 I am sorry everyone for suddenly being like this.”

Lucas wasn’t the only member of his group to publicly call out sasaengs. Xiaojun called them ‘rude,’ Kun also called them out for snapping photos while the boys were headed to the washroom.

While idols sometimes publicly call out sasaengs, its very rare that they’d publicly share photos of the ordeal they’re going through which has gotten fans to think about how they much they must’ve been suffering.

This prompted fans to trend hashtags and publicly demand SM to take stricter legal action against such people who continuously harass their idols.

#ProtectWayV trended on twitter with fans sharing screenshots of the boys expressing their frustration with the situation; SM has not responded to fans requests as of this writing.


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