VIXX’s Ravi’s Arrest Warrant For Alleged Military Service Evasion Dismissed, Agency Finally Issues An Initial Response

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VIXX’s Ravi’s agency has finally somewhat issued a response to the rumors of the idol being investigated for military service evasion, here is how it happened.

On March 6, Ravi’s arrest warrant was dismissed by a judge according to media reports. The judge stated that “there is no reason to believe that there is a risk of flight or destruction of evidence from the suspect [Ravi], who acknowledges the charges based on the objective evidence collected so far.”

In relation to this, the management of rapper Ravi, GROOVL1N, said to, “We are cooperating faithfully in the investigation” and asked for understanding that “we cannot provide detailed information at this stage, and we will try to provide more detailed information later.”

On February 9, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office and the Military Manpower Administration’s Joint Investigation Team indicted a total of 47 people, including 42 exemptions from military service.

According to the prosecution, 42 people who were exempted from military service received customized scenarios from military service broker Koo in which Koo held an event for epilepsy patients, and issued false medical certificates.

They are accused of being exempted from military service or lowering their grades by submitting false medical certificates to the Military Manpower Administration.

Earlier, It was reported that Ravi asked for military service-related counseling through a broker and received advice. His agency did not address the situation up until this point.

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