VIXX’s Ravi Is Leaving “2 days & 1 Night,” Here Is Why

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“2 days & 1 Night” will be going forward without Ravi.

On April 21, Ravi held a V live and personally revealed that he’s recently went on his last trip with the hit variety show. He added that he wanted to be the first one to tell fans about his departure from the show.

Later, the KBS show released a statement to confirm the news.

Why Did Ravi leave “2 days & 1 Night”?

Ravi is leaving the show because he’s set to enlist soon. The idol has yet to fulfill his mandatory military service requirements. Ravi said so in his V Live broadcast, he told its about time he gets ready and that he’s also preparing for an upcoming album before his enlistment. He’s set to hold a concert on May 8.

In the statement released by the show, they also confirmed that Ravi is leaving to fulfill his mandatory military service adding that it was temporary.

When Did Ravi Leave “2 days & 1 Night”?

Ravi will leave the show next week on April 24, 2022, his final episode will air this Sunday. His final episode will be a trip titled “Wish Us Luck.”

How long was Ravi a part of “2 Days & 1 Night”?

Ravi first joined the show as a fixed member in December 2019. He’ll part ways with the show after being a part of it for two years and four months.

Are you sad to see Ravi leave “2 Days & 1 Night”?

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