VIXX’s Hyuk Speaks Out Against Drunk Driving After Losing His Cousin To One Last Year

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VIXX’s Hyuk has something to say about drunk driving!

VIXX’s Hyuk has recently shared a story asking people to never drink and drive. In response to netizens questions about why he’s shared it, his agency Jellyfish entertainment revealed that he’s lost his beloved younger cousin to a terrible drunk driving incident.

According to current Korean laws, the maximum sentence for DUI is 8 years and despite the number of DUIs increasing, drunk drivers rarely face proper punishment for causing accidents or deaths. And in many cases if the defendant shows remorse their sentencing is lessened. Hyuk along with his other cousins posted an official government petition asking to strengthen the punishment for drunk drivers.

The drunk driver was sentenced to three years in prison in the first trial earlier this year despite causing the death of Hyuk’s cousin.

Hyuk said in an Instagram story,

“Let us never drink and drive.”

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