VIXX Ravi Reacts To The News Of Hongbin’s Departure, Here Is What He Said

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VIXX Ravi has posted to his instagram story after the news of Hongbin’s departure was announced.

VIXX fans were extremely shocked today when Jellyfish Entertainment announced that Hongbin has decided to withdraw from VIXX, he had been a part of the group for 8 years. The announcement was so sudden and took fans by surprise but many seem to believe that it has something to do with the stream controversy that caused Hongbin and his group a lot of backlash.

On August 7, Ravi posted to his instagram story to address the shocking announcement, he said,

“I feel cautious when speaking. Thank you to everyone who’s by my side right now.

I hope that everyone supporting us has more happy moments than painful ones. I hope everyone has a good evening.”

It seems that Ravi is unable to elaborate more on what exactly transpired but fans think he’s referring to the issue with Hongbin’s departure.

VIXX will continue as a five-member group.

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What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

The entire situation is crazy imo.

I reacted to his live stream previously, he said some weird things but nothing deserved this reaction from his agency. He’s surely one of the first idols to speak about other groups in that tone. Since kpop fans are known for being extremely sensitive, I saw it coming (the backlash) but other than that, I don’t think fans really kept discussing this issue which makes it even more puzzling how the announcement came today and why today? if he would’ve left back when it happened, I’d kinda get it, but many have already forgotten and moved on, this makes the announcement more puzzling to me.

I’d like to believe that the stream isn’t the sole reason for it, if we speak logically about the outcome, it seems rather that it was a combination of issues that could’ve happened backstage and this was the last straw, we don’t know what happened but I highly doubt any agency would sack an idol for this, especially an idol who’s been with the group for so long, maybe if it was a rookie idol I’d get it, but I hope its not because of the stream only.

Nothing he said was too controversial or groundbreaking or even slanderous, he expressed his opinion, I don’t agree with him at all in what he said but by the end of the day, it’s just an opinion. It’s not the biggest deal, he just compared himself to the other groups and talked about his thoughts on their dance routines and songs.

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