Viral Clip Of EXO Kai Alone At The 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards Goes Viral, Every Introvert Can Probably Relate

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The 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards were held last night. Kai, who attended the event, won an award. This particular clip of him has since gone viral.

Sports Chosun, which also presents one of the biggest awards shows in South Korea, the Blue Dragon Film Awards, introduced Korea’s first award ceremony dedicated to streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, etc).

While Kai is known for having many celebrity friends, he was alone in the award ceremony. A viral clip of Kai all alone surrounded by actors who are conversing with each other went viral. Kai saw the viral clip and commented that he was the only one without any friends and he felt so shy and couldn’t muster up the courage to speak to others first.

The viral clip is being shared around and many introverts say they relate to it. You can check it out down below!

Check out all the winners of the Blue Dragon Series Awards here!

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