Video Of Sechskies Kang Sung Hoon Forcibly Getting Into The Taxi To Talk To His Ex-Manager Released By SBS

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Last night SBS FunE reported that Sechskies Kang Sung Hoon had trespassed along with his coordinator Ms. Kim to his ex-manager house and caused disturbance.

The incident happened on September 27 around 12:30 p.m. Ms. Kim and Kang Sung Hoon came to the ex-manager Mr. Kim house and demanded to see him and refused to leave according to the ex-manager statement to SBS FunE last night.

According to Gandong Police station, they had received a complaint that Kang Sung Hoon and Ms. Park have broken into his former manager’s home and caused disturbance.

A witness claimed Mr. Kim had grabbed the taxi and Kang Sung Hoon and Ms. Park stopped the car and took the cellphone of Mr. Kim’s hand using force, the police were dispatched twice.

It seems that the witness words has been confirmed since SBS has released a video of the incident and its disturbing to say the least.

Mr. Kim was in the taxi when Kang Sung Hoon and Ms. Kim were around it and refused to leave. Mr. Kim was telling the taxi to go but Kang Sung Hoon kept banging on the taxi window telling him to get out so they could have a conversation together.

Mr. Kim had reached out for his phone and filmed the entire incident, while Kang Sung Hoon was banging on the taxi window Mr. Kim replied,

“Hyung, you’re scaring me.”

to which Kang Sung Hoon replies,

“I didn’t hit you or anything, why are you scared? I just to talk to you well and then leave. Get out!”

Ms. Kim, the coordinator, then opened the door and snatched the phone away from Mr. Kim, Mr. Kim was trying to grab his phone back from her asking her why she was doing that.

The video then shows Kang Sung Hoon getting into the taxi in the passenger seat urging the ex-manager saying,

“Get out, lets talk, just you and me alone.

I am not trying to do anything weird and I just want to hear what you have to say. Film me, film all you want.”

Ms. Park is also alleging that Mr. Kim’s housemate used force with her, she told police that she got bruises because of the force and told reporters and added,

“This issue has nothing to do with Kang Sung Hoon, I am not connected to him as well.”

In the video you can also see the police talking to the Kang Sung Hoon, Ms. Kim and others on the scene, two policemen can be seen from the video.

Ms. Park has also personally shared photos of her bruises to SBS, SBS released the photos to which she claimed they were caused by injuries from the housemate who is Mr. Kim’s brother.

Mr. Kim and his brother (the housemate) had previously said they were planning to take legal action against them both for trespassing and such.

YG Entertainment has kept quiet so far not releasing any official statement. SBS FunE was the Korean news outlet who broke the news last night.

Until now, people were skeptic of Kang Sung Hoon’s participation in this trespassing incident, however, the video shows him clearly and the position in which everything took place matches what the witness told SBS FunE officially.

Some news outlets are reporting Ms. Kim as the operator of Kang Sung Hoon’s fan club Hoony World while other news Korean news outlets say she is a stylist.

Netizens are in shock after seeing the video and left comments talking about how disappointed they were in Kang Sung Hoon’s actions.

Here is the full video:

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