Video Of 15-Year-Old Kpop Girl Idol Getting Called ‘Bitch’ And Worse Derogatory Terms Goes Viral, EBS Issues Two Statements

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As if Busters Chaeyeon getting allegedly hit wasn’t a big deal in itself, another video shows the 15-year-old Kpop idol getting called Derogatory Terms by another comedian on the show.

It was previously reported that a comedian of the show of “Tok! Tok! Boni Hani” allegedly hit Buster’s Chaeyeon who is also currently a host on EBS 1TV.

Netizens and international Kpop fans were furious with EBS initial response. EBS even expressed frustration at the fact that people would assume she was hit by that comedian. They stated he didn’t hit her and that they were ‘joking together.’

That didn’t land well with anybody and soon another video that is equally disturbing went viral on twitter. The video shows another comedian on the show, called Park Dong Geun, flat out calling the 15-year-old a bitch and worse.

He called her things such as a “Listerine sterilized bitch,” at first, Chaeyeon didn’t seem to understand him, he repeats himself this time calling her a phrase that means “venomous bitch.”

These phrases are known in South Korea but might not make sense for international fans, to explain it as briefly as possible; the Listerine part is used to describe what sex workers use to prevent the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases at adult entertainment establishments.

After these two videos spread like wild fire, EBS decided to, yet again, issue the weirdest response, regarding the comments that could only be described as verbal sexual harassment of a minor, EBS claimed that Chaeyeon used Listerine in the waiting room before the show, they claimed Park Dong Geun was joking with her and trying to tease her and even tried to claim that Park Dong Geun didn’t even know the terms he used were ‘problematic.’

As you’d naturally assume k-netizens were furious with EBS initial response, they called for both comedians who hurt Chaeyeon to be fired, the controversy is currently the top trending news on Naver, all Korean news outlets are covering this.

Due to mounting pressure, EBS finally issued a plausible apology letter in which they acknowledged that the show included ‘a scene of violence and a scene of verbal sexual harassment.’

They revealed that the two cast members have been suspended and the YouTube video is now deleted.

According to Soompi, they stated,

“Rather than this incident being a personal issue between cast members, it is first the great responsibility of EBS’s management. EBS is also very shocked and feels greatly responsible after this incident, which should never have happened, occurred. After this incident, we will be re-examining our entire process for choosing the cast members of our programs. We take full responsibility for our program staff, and we plan to strictly implement disciplinary steps and follow-up measures. Most importantly, we will be thoroughly looking into the cause of the incident so that it does not happen again, and we will realign our production system and whole process of production, taking on strict re-examination and development.

So that this kind of incident does not occur again, EBS will be stricter and more careful while producing programs. We once again bow our heads in apology to the viewers who trusted EBS.”

What do you think of this?

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