TRENDING: VICTON’s Heochan And His Agency Issue Apology After He Was Caught Drunk Driving By Police, To Take Hiatus From All Activities

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IST Entertainment has made a very shocking announcement on September 22 that left fans speechless.

On September 22, VICTON’s agency IST Entertainment posted an official statement to the group’s official Twitter account to announce that VICTON’s Heochan has been caught drunk driving by police and is currently being investigated for the incident.

The statement caught fans by surprise because its almost never the case that an agency would directly tell fans about DUI unless its initially reported by media outlets before the agency ends up confirming it.

The agency apologized repeatably for VICTON’s Heochan’s actions and said he’s deeply repenting. They said he was caught drunk driving on September 20 by police and his alcohol content was high enough to have his license revoked.

Due to this, he will be taking a hiatus from all group and individual activities for the time being. Here is their statement:

Hello. This is IST Entertainment.

To the fans who care VICTON’s Heochan we would like to inform you of a recent unfortunate incident.

First of all, we would like to sincerely bow our head and apologize for introducing such unfortunate news. Our artist Heochan was on his way home from meeting with acquaintances on the morning of the 20th, He was caught by the police for drunk driving. Heochan is currently under investigation by the police.

After the investigation is over, it is expected that his license will be revoked. He plans to faithfully take part in police investigations until the end. Currently, Heochan is deeply regretting and deeply reflecting on what he did wrong knowing well that he should never have done it. At the same time, he can’t help but apologize for causing trouble to his fans and the many people involved. Heochan plans to take a break from his team and individual activities after today.”

They ended their statement announcing that the group will promote as five members from now on including for their upcoming concert.

To His Instagram account, Heochan issued a personal apology, he said he ‘feels the pain and disappointment caused from this incident and repents deeply,’ he also promised to live in deep reflection as well. He wrote,

I should have been more responsible for my actions as a public figure who should be an example to the public and the fans.
I’m so disappointed by the wrong choice I’ve made.
I’m sincerely reflecting on myself and regretting every day
I’m spending time in self-reflection.”

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