Vice Defense Minister Says BTS Military Exemption “Will Be Difficult”

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Vice Defense Minister Shin Bum Chul has revealed that BTS military service exemption will be difficult.

On September 22, regarding the controversy over BTS military service obligations, Vice Defense Minister Shin Bum Chul said,

It is a firm position of the Ministry of National Defense that it is difficult to expand the scope of military service exemptions.”

On the MBC Radio show, Vice Minister Shin said,

In terms of fairness in fulfilling military service obligations, the Ministry of National Defense’s consistent position was that it would be difficult to expand ‘alternative service’.”

Asked by the host why a poll was discussed, Vice Minister Shin replied,

It was a poll at the National Assembly level (not the Ministry of National Defense). I am grateful that we can confirm the will of the people through the polls, but there is nothing confirmed about what the Ministry of National Defense wants to do.

Vice Minister Shin said,

It is hard to say that the majority of the people are in favor of eligibility of BTS from the military service exemption, with only 40-60% of the approval ratio and 30-50% of the opposition ratio.”

What do you think about this?

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  1. What Criteriums can be used to decide which of the idols is entitled to the exemption? Albums sold? Earnings on foreign tours? Number of fans on social media sites? All these together? This is, in my opinion, subjective. Such a discount is unfair to the members of the Bangtan Boys, of other equally successful kpop idols – especially for those who have already completed military service or are still in the process of doing so, eg. Taemin or Baekhyun.

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