VAV To Make A Whole Group Comeback Post The Military Discharge Of Two Members

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VAV will make a comeback next year.

On December 26th, A-Team Entertainment, the agency of VAV (Ayno, Ace, Baron, Lou, Ziu, Jacob, and St. Van), said, “Lou and Ziu, who joined the army together last year, will be discharged on January 11, 2023.”

VAV, which had a break with members Baron in 2020 and Ace, Lou, and Ziu in 2021, will begin preparing for a new album in earnest as soon as Lou and Ziu finish their military service next year.

As Lou and Ziu decided to join the military together to minimize the gap with fans last year, expectations are rising for VAV’s full comeback. Along with the comeback notice, VAV members Ayno, Ace, Baron, Jacob, and St. Van held a Christmas face-to-face fan meeting “Christmas Party With VAMPZ” on December 25th and communicated with fans.

The members fascinated fans with their sweet voices and prepared a variety of sections to make warm memories on Christmas.

At the fan meeting, Ayno, Ace, Baron, Jacob, and St. Van not only led the atmosphere in a friendly manner by exchanging Christmas greetings with fans but also showed off the friendly chemistry between the members, drawing smiles from fans.

Earlier, VAV released its special digital single “I Miss You” to mark the 6th anniversary of its debut in 2021, expressing its gratitude to fans who will miss VAV. VAV, which will become a “military idol” next year, will actively engage in new music and content.

VAV announced its full-fledged activities in 2023 and plans to visit fans with its new album.


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