Vata From “Street Man Fighter” Denies Allegations Of Plagiarizing ATEEZ’s Choreography For “Say My Name” Despite Call Out From The Choreography Creators

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“Street Man Fighter” Vata is receiving heavy backlash for his delayed response to the whole situation regarding allegations that he plagiarized ATEEZ’s Choreography For “Say My Name”!

Here is the time line of when the issue began!

How Vata From “Street Man Fighter” was accused of plagiarism

The situation began a while back when fans noticed that Vata, who is currently competing with his group We Dem Boyz on “Street Man Fighter,’ won a challenge to come up with original choreography for Zico’s new song “New thing.”

Since he won, his version of the challenge became a massive hit. However, soon, fans noticed that the beginning of the choreography was very similar to the main dance move of ATEEZ’s 2019 hit “Say My Name.”

Anze Skrube Calls out Vata for alleged plagiarism of ATEEZ’s 2019 hit “Say My Name”

Fans began to call Vata out but some skeptics were also present, things began to change when Anze Skrube, one of the three choreographers who came up with the original choreography for “Say My Name,” spoke up about the situation on multiple occasions demanding an explanation.

First, he reposted posts by the fans of ATEEZ accusing Vata of plagiarism. He also posted a video to Instagram to explain why he believes the move was copied. In another post, he wrote, “This looks like ATEEZ ‘Say My Name’ Challenge. Original choreography was made by Josh Smith, Johnny Erasme, and myself. The particular gliding move was made by Josh Smith.”

ATEEZ and Wooyoung seemingly addressing the issue

Later, Wooyoung from ATEEZ expressed his feelings on the controversy by doing a ‘biting’ sign before doing the disputed move, this is a sign fellow dancers use to call out other dancers who copy or steal somebody else’s moves.

Fans also noticed that Vata is acquainted with ATEEZ’s San and also follows “Say My Name” choreographers Josh Smith and Johnny Erasme on Instagram.

This has been an ongoing issue for at least a week and fans had been demanding a response from Vata.

Vata issues a response

As the pressure mounted, Vata ended up issuing a statement to address the controversy, but instead of what fans had expected, he defended himself and claimed he didn’t plagiarize the choreography. He also didn’t offer an apology. He wrote,

I thought it was just a cold wind that would pass by by but I’m posting this to avoid further misunderstandings.

First of all, about this controversy.

When I first heard the music, the wilderness came to mind, and I created an intro choreography by intuitively describing the appearance of riding a motorcycle or a horse. This is why I used the motion of starting an engine at the beginning, followed by a big kick and a dismount after driving. So there is the whole story, from the start to the finish.

I think the connectivity and intentions of the choreography and movements that are currently compared are completely different.

As a person who loves the culture of dance, I think it is cool that the artists and choreographers respect each other. But I feel that it doesn’t seem like its the case right now, which is unfortunate.

Regardless of the reason, I apologize to the viewers of “Street Man Fighter” and everyone who supports us, regarding the controversy itself caused by me. I’ll pay it off with a better performance. Thank you.”

The statement has been mostly criticized by fans.

What do you think of Vata’s statement on the plagiarism accusations?

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