Fans Furious After University Professor Downplays Goo Hara’s Suffering Due To Secret Sex Videos, Says She Had Weak Mentality

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Netizens and international fans weren’t happy after hearing about one professor from Ajou University who had this to say about Goo Hara’s death.

It hasn’t even been a month since the tragic passing of Goo Hara, fans still feel that today, there have been many attempts to change the way netizens use the internet to help lessen the pressure idols have to deal with including malicious commenters with ill intents.

According to the South China Morning Post, Joo Chul Hwan, a professor in the culture contents department at Ajou University had this to say about Goo Hara when preaching his students to become mentally stronger,

“When you don’t have a strong mentality, you’ll become Goo Hara.

People swear [at you] because they feel inferior [to you]. Why kill yourself because of such people? You have to have a strong mind.”

But that wasn’t the most shocking thing he said, he also referenced her ex-boyfriend who threatened to expose their sex tape to the entire world, the professor thinks that she should’ve dealt with the situation more openly and if they had watched it she should’ve asked,

“What do you think about my body?”

What the professor said was recorded by students at his class, and the university female student group released the recording and issued a statement heavily denouncing what he said.

University officials have stated that they’re investigating the situation.

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What do you think of what the professor said?

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe some people can’t understand that not everyone has a strong mentality. He doesn’t even know how it feels to go through so much. Hara tried…maybe she didn’t have the support she needed and a good therapist. In Korea and other countries, when something happens between a couple, the ones that are blamed are the women. Both Sulli and her have been insulted so much on social media. I personally think those who post malicious rumors or disgusting insults should be punished by law. I also believe social media is not such a good idea when you’re a public figure since all kinds of people are writing to you the good but lots of terrible ones as well unfortunately.

  2. This is absolutely disgusting and he should be ashamed of himself. He has no business ever coaching students or anyone, in any capacity, ever again. Though if the university doesn’t kick him to the curb, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

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