TXT’s Yeonjun Weight Loss Surprises Fans

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TXT’s Yeonjun is making headlines for his weight loss!

On May 31, TXT came back with their new album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” and the title track “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You).”

Fans are loving the comeback song and the members visuals but Yeonjun ended up gaining the most attention for his noticeable weight loss.

Yeonjun was already slim but appears to have lost even more weight for this comeback. Some fans praised the idol for his dedication while others worried about his health. Some fans even asked TXT Yeonjun’s for his diet plans so they could also follow it and lose weight.

Check out some photos of Yeonjun’s new slimmer face and body below!

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What do you think of Yeonjun’s new look?

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