TXT’s Hueningkai Real Ethnicity Finally Revealed And Its Different From What Fans Thought

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TXT’s Hueningkai has been the center of the spotlight for a while now, he’s Big Hit Entertainment first foreign idol so naturally, he became the center of attention.

Big Hit Entertainment revealed little information about each member leaving room for speculations, following the reveal of Hueningkai, fans speculated about his nationality.

Soon a lot of contrasting different rumors about his true ethnicity, some speculated he’s half German, others thoughts he was half Brazilian, and it went on and on.

At last Hueningkai personally took time to address the questions at his group debut showcase on March 5.

He said,

“I was born in the United States and moved to China when I was little and came to Korea. My father is American and my mom is Korean.”

So there you have it, turns out the answer was that he’s half American. He also talked about adjusting to life Korea which can be strange and unfamiliar for idol trainees who used to live abroad.

He talked about why he decided to become an idol, the reason was his father, he revealed,

“My dad promoted in China as a singer so I naturally approached music. My family got worried about me when I came to Korea for the first time after living abroad.”

He also added that Big Hit suits his musical taste well which is why he decided to audition and become an idol. He also talked about how fellow TXT members took good care of him and helped him throughout the transition process.

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