TXT Reveals Official Fandom Name Causing Confusion Among Girls’ Generation Tiffany Fans

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Big Hit Entertainment new rookie group TXT has finally revealed their official fandom name!

On April 25, the agency revealed the fandom name will be ‘Young One.’ Members selected the fandom name from fans submissions.

The official announcement explains:

“We were nothing (0)* and then we became ONE.

TXT’s hopes of having their fans beside them forever.

[* ‘0’ in Korean is pronounced as ‘Young’]”

TXT fans were very happy hearing the news however, for Girls’ Generation Tiffany fans it was a different case, a case of confusion.

Tiffany Young calls her fans ‘Young Ones.’ According to Gulf News, the American-Korean singer revealed her official fandom name during her Asia Fan Meeting Tour 2018 in Bangkok.

To Tiffany, the meaning of the fandom interprets as ‘forever,’ she calls her fans her ‘forevers’ and had also added the name is connected to Girls’ Generation fandom name SONE.

Though the names in Korean and their meanings differ its confusing for international fans who will call themselves Young One/s.

What do you guys think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I am not a SONE so when fans pointed out that the two groups had almost the same name I was confused.

I doubt Big Hit did this purposefully, and also, please guys don’t hate on TXT, it’s probably an error on the staff side.

I understand where SONEs are coming from; it’s what Tiffany named her fandom so it’s special for them.

I don’t know if Big Hit will change the name or not but I kinda hope they do, having to share extremely similar fandom names with similar meanings (according to my understanding) kinda lessens the special bond. It also causes confusion.

I am puzzled as to why the staff didn’t go through all the fandom names just to make sure but then again it could be because Tiffany recently went solo and gave fans this name so not everyone knew.

This is very rare, I have been a kpop fan for a long time and I’ve never seen two Kpop groups having the same fandom name.

It’s not the biggest deal so I hope people don’t blow it out of proportions, I heard TXT fans and SONEs are contacting Big Hit to tell them about this so I am expecting a response soon.

Out of respect for the sunbae artist in the industry, I feel that Big Hit might end up changing the name a bit but of course, I am speculating so we have to wait for an official response.

Let’s wait for an official response before passing judgment!

Whats your reaction to this article?

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