TXT Breaks Their Own Record And Achieve Over 1.5 Million Copies In Pre-Orders Of “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION”

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TXT has broken their own record with 1.56 million in pre-orders for the 5th mini-album “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION.”

According to album distributor YG PLUS on January 10, pre-orders for TXT’s 5th mini-album “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION” exceeded 1.56 million as of January 9. As a result, TXT achieves the ‘Million Sellers’ for the first two consecutive albums.

In particular, this is a huge achievement that surpassed the final pre-order of the previous album (1.47 million copies) 18 days before the comeback (as of January 9), proving TXT’s global music power.

TXT is growing rapidly enough to break their own record with this album after recording 590,000 pre-orders with their second full-length repackage album “The Chapter Chaos: FREEZE” released in August 2021, and 1.47 million pre-orders with its fourth mini-album “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” released in May last year.

“The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION,” which will be released at 2 p.m. on January 27, is an album that shows young people shaking in the face of the temptation of freedom in front of their eyes. Since the release of the concept photo for the “Daydream” version on January 9, related keywords have ranked first to third in real-time trends on Twitter around the world. TXT will continue their comeback fever by releasing the concept photo “Nightmare” version on January 11.

Are you excited for their album “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION”?

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