Two Firefighters Fired For Leaking Information About Sulli’s Death

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The two employees from the fire department, who leaked information about Sulli’s death, have been fired.

It was previously reported that firefighters leaked private information regarding Sullis’ time and location of passing. The documents spread on social media and was subsequently shared by blogs and news sites. On October 17, the Gyeonggi Provincial Fire & Disaster Headquarters held a press conference vowing to punish those who leaked the information and to apologize.

On November 14, Chief Lee Hyung Chul of the Gyeonggi Provincial Fire & Disaster Headquarters stated at an administrative audit for the Gyeonggi Province Assembly’s Security and Public Administration Committee that two individuals responsible for leaking the information were let go from their positions.

Chief Lee Hyung Chul also added that adjustments have been made following the recent incidents, previously, such types of reports were accessible by all fire officer but now the access will be restricted to only the employees in charge and their seniors.

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