TWICE Nayeon Stalker Is Worrying ONCE, His Creepy Attempts Of Contacting Her Goes Viral

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TWICE Nayeon apparently has a stalker and ONCE are afraid!

Recently, a foreigner posted a video to YouTube, it starts with him seemingly going places where TWICE and Nayeon filmed. He says he’s been attempting to get a hold of her and had gone to several locations she visited with her group to see her.

In the video description box, he wrote,

“I developed feelings for Nayeon around 3 years ago and over the years i realized that i have to talk with her about it.

Please please please help me to get this video to Nayeon, it would mean so much to me if you could help me.”

In other comments reportedly made by him, he asks people to tell him about the location of TWICE’s new dorm. An admin of a community discord shared screenshots of his creepy comments in relation to Nayeon, those comments have gone viral and are being reported on by various Korean news outlets as we speak.

After many ONCE saw that, they became afraid and worried about Nayeon’s well-being, many are working together to bring this to JYP’s attention, many are also reporting his social media accounts.

He later uploaded a video asking ONCE not to call him a hater or a stalker claiming that he has no bad intentions.

Fans can report him by emailing JYP Entertainment through [email protected].

Here are some screenshots:

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By Kevin Miller

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  1. There’s no proof of him being a stalker in the sense this article suggests. He just acts like any hardcore fan with no life. There’s probably been dozens of female teenage fans who’s done the same. It’s really unethical to make such posts about him just because he has “the look”

    1. He’s just another example of normalized stalker behaviour towards celebrities, this isn’t an “hardcore fan”, it’s literally just stalker; he should 100% be reported and so should be every other person who acts like this (he’s just being targeted because he was stupid enough to talk about all the stuff he’s doing)

      1. Yeah you’re right, it’s a bizarre behaviour but it’s normalized for celebrities. I’m also thinking older western stars like Madonna or Britney Spears (maybe the stars today as well, I’m just not following the news anymore)- the stuff their “fans” were doing to them, following their every move etc., it’s like they weren’t even mortal people to them anymore.

        1. Just thought I’d add, This guy is NOT a fan of Twice he’s even openly admitted that he’s not a fan of Twice. He literally JUST loves Nayeon, like he saw a photo online and was like damn I want her to be mine so I’m gonna go stalk her (obviously he didn’t think like that and doesn’t think he’s a stalker but you get what I mean) I mean he’s even gone as far as to have already planned out their life after he marries her. I say planned out he wants to settle down in Australia that’s about it.

    2. Its not just the look though. He physically went to South Korea, he pestered to get Nayeon to add him on KakaoTalk and did the same through her mother’s Instagram. He wants the location of their dorm. And people tend to dislike those fans who are that persistent though he said he’s not a fan.

    3. I definitely think there is a way to report in this/him in a way that doesn’t demonize him. And i think for the most part they have here atleast. Yes temhey called him creepy, which lets face it kinda is, but they’ve also just simply stated facts and information that he himself has made public. Many times a stalker/obsessive fan has gone too far. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Isn’t this a bit exaggerated?… I really don’t think d guy had bad intentions… Just d love to meet his dream idol. And one of d few people to make an effort on it

    1. Are you serious? The guy is literally trying to find where they live to tell some idol he doesn’t even know personally that he has feelings for her, it’s creepy as hell! What would you think if some guy who doesn’t know you tried to desperately find where you live? A person who’d love to meet their idol would attend a fan meet! We need to stop normalizing this behaviour just because Nayeon is famous, this guy is just straight up a stalker who doesn’t realize that having no bad intentions doesn’t make it okay

      1. I understand wanting to meet your favorite idol. But what he’s doing isn’t okay. Don’t ask about where she lives that’s her personal space away from idol life. Love and support her through your screen,fanmeets and concerts stay away from her house. Now you’re becoming obsessed and will be called a stalker

    2. Brah so many things is wrong with what he’s doing. The line between Fan and Sasaeng Is thicc and the man trying to jump over the whooooole thing.

  3. I disagree. This guy should stop harassing Nayeon and Twice. JYPE should make a police report about him as he is worrying Onces worldwide. Creepy thrice stalker, if you are seeing this, I have 1 thing to say: PLEASE STOP GOING AROUND POSTING VIDEOS AND TRYING TO TRACK DOWN NAYEON AND TWICE. YOU ARE CAUSING UNNECESSARY STRESS AND WORRY TO NAYEON AND TWICE, AS WELL AS FELLOW ONCES AROUND THE WORLD, SO PLEASE STOP!

  4. but although its like that,dont u think its also better to take safety precautions beforw its too late bc we really want to treat our idols with respect and it seems like the first to comments were from the same person.just the dots kinda threw me offence but us real onces are genuinely worried and are trying to help

        1. Gonna happen. It’s just normal to have so called feelings for someone, it’s not like he’s doing something bad tbh. He might ask but do you think that he will do something??even the craziest person ever knows limits.
          Stop being so immature. God mad mouth so we can talk, and we can talk as normal people without calling someone stalker creep etc. We might think it doesn’t hurt but for someone who hasn’t done anything it would hurt. He might want some attention…what if doing this he’ll get her attention and do nothing bad just talk? It’s not like your idols are your first priority in this life. Everyone has a life, and should think first of your own life and then next one.
          I’m just talking in general in here so don’t hate me or something.

          1. No, just no. You can’t just assume he doesn’t have bad intentions that would put a risk to naeyon and TWICE. Personally if someone did that to me I would be scared I mean the guys end as far as trying to locate their dorms! I don’t know maybe the guy isn’t so bad but sometimes we have o assume for the worse to stay safe.

  5. He may not be a stalker but it still is creepy if someone you don’t know goes to every place and asking people about you and telling them to contact you like he said he had feelings for nayeon like wtf ? Does he not realize if he wants to meet his oh so dream idol just go to a twice concert or fan meeting not go to every single place her or her relatives have been to .this is not in any way acceptable it’s creepy it’s also invasion of privacy and could also affect nayeon and her family’s health so please report this to jypentertainment it’s better to be safe than sorry

  6. For me if he’s really a stalker why the heck would he even post a video about himself finding nayeon right? If he has bad intentions he wouldnt dare show himself. I think others are being too judgemental. Maybe he’s just an avidfan lwho has nothing to do lol

    1. Most stalkers don’t realize that what they are doing is wrong, they think it’s a normal behaviour; there are countless stories of stalkers who casually ask people for help like this and don’t get why people get so freaked out and call them a stalker. They literally just don’t get it

  7. This is serious, I see that y’all think he has no bad intentions. But the thing is he so desperately want to see Nayeon even want to show up in Twice’s dorm room. If he can spend money to travel to Korea and all that stuff, then we can definitely afford Twice’s concert and even possible fan meet. So I don’t know why he needs to see Nayeon in person, and possibly getting a restraining order.

    1. If he can afford to go to Korea, he should have enough money to attend a TWICE tour concert. Us ONCES are eagerly awaiting for next year’s tour concerts, and while I get that he wants to desperately meet Nayeon (probably his bias), he should just join all other ONCES and wait with anticipation that Mina will be able to join the tour.

  8. It doesn’t matter if he has no bad intentions, it’s still stalker behaviour, period. So many stalkers are seriously convinced that they aren’t doing anything wrong, and the same goes for him.

    1. Before you roast me i am also Korean an study the Korean news often so i kind of know what i am talking about. But here is my thoughts on this situation.

      I feel like Korea has a more strict policy’s on stalking because of the international popularity and because of the feminism in Korea. The thing that 제니 has mentioned to be totally stalking is a true fact toward real Korean citizens. There is a lot of cases of stalking in Korea that make young females a target in many ways. But the fact that other countries are less strict on this type of stuff doesn’t mean that 제니 is wrong about what she is saying. i feel like she is correct even though many others think that she is wrong.

  9. Very weird. And Honestly the people saying he isn’t a stalker is clowns. They obvouisly don’t know what stalker means, following her to concerts and asking for their dorm room location is extreme and exactly the display of a stalker’s behavior. Would you like it if someone does this to you? Exactly, so let’s not write it off and report him.

    1. Even if Idgaf is a fellow Once, I will agree with him/her, as: 1.posting a vid asking about their dorm’s location is creepy enough, but 2.following them to their concerts/ promotions is just absurd and unbelievable, I mean I have a friend whose bias is Nayeon, but he doesn’t go gaga over Nayeon. Sure, he is excited about anything concerning Nayeon, but at least he doesn’t travel to Korea and post a vid asking for TWICE’s dorm location. THIS GUY IS A STALKER, A PSYCHOPATH AND A MENACE TO SOCIETY!

  10. I saw this in a Mina article. It says: ” Onces will patiently stand by her.” I hope the stalker will do that and stop harassing Nayeon.

  11. For me he is not a stalker but more likely to says a sasaeng (?) fans I guess ? Cause you know something like this always happen in Korea and media finds it as a chance to gain profits . I really don’t afraid about it but don’t hate me this is just my opinion

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