TWICE Nayeon Stalker Is Back And More Dangerous Than Ever, ONCE Deeply Unsettled By His Plans

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TWICE Nayeon Stalker isn’t afraid of backlash or legal repercussions and its causing concern among fans.

Back in October, ONCE noticed a certain individual posting very worrisome videos to YouTube, he was tracing the places TWICE Nayeon had visited and he started talking about their destiny and how they’re meant to be together. He had visited Seoul and was trying to see her in flesh.

UPDATE: ONCE Finally Able To Relax A Bit After JYP Releases This Statement Regarding TWICE Nayeon Potential Stalker

After seeing those videos, ONCE mass reported him to JYP official complaint email. Nothing much was heard about him until a couple of days ago when a twitter account dedicated to protecting TWICE Nayeon shared screenshots of the man talking about his plans to meet Nayeon in the second week of December.

The screenshots were taken by who is presumed to be a fan and that fan had extracted information about his plans, fans believe the person who shared those screenshots everywhere was hoping it would reach JYP’s attention.

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In the screenshots, the stalker talks about how he plans to see Nayeon in Seoul, he insinuates that they will have a relationship together and shared his plans for them to grow old together. He is even aware of JYP founder Park Jin Young schedule and plans on seeing him when he arrives in South Korea.

The messages are unsettling to read, fans have been sharing those screenshots and sending them to JYP email hoping the company is aware of the situation and will take the appropriate measures to ensure Nayeon is protected.

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Here are the screenshots:

JYP has yet to issue a response on the matter.

What do you think of such behavior?

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