TWICE Momo Has This Savage Response To Haters Who Leave Mean Comments

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TWICE Momo is a savage queen!

On November 14, TWICE Momo turned on V Live to talk to ONCE, the broadcast was titled, “TZU bought me this…I want to try it out…LOL,” she was joined by Jihyo later on; they discussed all sorts of things and chatted with ONCE.

Halfway through the broadcast, Momo seems to have noticed mean malicious comments; she didn’t read them out loud but said,

“There are many fans who say nice things in the comments, but there are also lots of weird comments too, right?

But its ok, its fun. I just feel like there are all sorts of people in this world, so I should be understanding.”

Jihyo, on the other hand, had a different perspective on this issue; she wondered why people would care so much about those they ‘hate,’

“But it feels like this to me, you can read and see the things you like, why do they spend time to find things they dislike and leave harsh comments? It’s a waste of time.”

To which Momo responded,

“True, does it make them feel satisfied? Right, but to me, I may sound too positive, I guess they may like me, I mean, they’re jealous of me.

I guess they leave harsh comments because they’re jealous.”

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You can watch the broadcast here, what do you think of Momo’s comments? Do you agree with her?

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  1. Actually…I think that they r right.people who has much time to think about people they hate r the most stupid ones….I mean actually why do u even glance at those whom u hate?

  2. They were stupid to hate someone. Should we have to hate the people that we don’t like? If they don’t like, just shut up and stop to attack them. I’m really not understand them anyway. I’m just thinking that they were idiot.

  3. Good for you Momo and Jihyo. Don’t let it go to your head because that’s what the haters want you to do. Now if only I could understand Chinese, Japanese, and Korean so I wouldn’t have to read the subtitles of your videos.

  4. There will always be hate in the world. And the reasons vary of course but why hate on people who perform and make videos for the fans that they love? It’s not like TWICE are some evil people who kill children! There’s no reason to hate anyone unless they do evil things to others. And Twice just make people happy. But yet they haters still have to let others know that they HATE. And it just shows that TWICE and true ONCES just need to ignore them and their mean comments.

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