TWICE Jihyo Sustains Minor Injuries At The Airport, JYP’s Stern Warning Gives Fans Hope  

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On December 8, TWICE members arrived at Gimpo International Airport after wrapping up their activities in Japan. The press and many fans were present at the airport; the press was there to take the girls’ photos.

However, the situation became dangerous due to overcrowding, the girls and their staff couldn’t contain the situation and some were getting too close to the members which is dangerous for both TWICE and their fans.

TWICE Jihyo ended up tripping over a fan who had fallen on the floor, other members of TWICE and their staff lifted Jihyo up but fans noticed that her face became red and she appeared to have sustained an injury due to that. Some also said they saw her crying.

Following that incident, JYP issued a statement warning fans and the press about the danger of getting extremely close to TWICE.

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JYP stated that Jihyo was hurt due to the excessive photography that took place on December 8. They also reminded fans that following artists after immigration inspection is officially prohibited according to the blacklist rules; this means that if caught they will be banned from seeing TWICE in activities like TV broadcasts.

They added,

“If this happens again, we may have to take strict legal action. We’re letting you know that we’re looking into legal options if this continues to occur.

All safety concerns are directly related to the safety of the artist as well as the fans and the public. Therefore, we ask you to please keep order at official appearances and refrain from doing anything that’s prohibited, such as following TWICE members on unofficial schedule.”

JYP assured fans they’re always on the lookout on how to deal with such type of behavior and will continue to do their best to protect their artists.

Fans are happy to read JYP stern response to those who continue to invade TWICE personal space.

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What do you think of JYP’s statement?

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