TWICE Chaeyoung’s Bizarre Tattoo Becomes A Trending Topic On Online Communities

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TWICE Chaeyoung’s new tattoo has gained attention.

Recently, Chaeyoung was spotted with her group members leaving from a schedule, one of the photos taken showed off her tattoo, its a tattoo that was seen for the first time.

Chaeyoung is known for her love for tattoos and has many around her body, however, this one gained attention for being very bizarre. Its unknown when she got this tattoo exactly but its placement and what it is has been a hot topic of discussion. The tattoo appears to be a woman’s naked body with a different face, sand the face appears to be chained to to the arms and while its unclear, some believe the rest of the body is that of a mermaid.

While fans expressed support for the idol many said this tattoo was not well drawn and wondered why she’d get such a tattoo on her body.

What do you think of her tattoo?

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