TWICE Chaeyoung Shocking Airport Fashion Baffles Everyone, What Was The Stylist Thinking?

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TWICE Chaeyoung airport fashion has made headlines, but not for being pretty but for a very different reason, for being very bizarre.

On April 26, TWICE members arrived at Seoul Gimpo airport after shooting a music video for their upcoming comeback track in Jeju Island. TWICE is set to come back very soon, but a date hasn’t been set yet. The attention immediately shifted towards what Chaeyoung was wearing.

Chaeyoung was spotted wearing a washed-out dress that has the color of grass; the design of the dress is very weird and doesn’t flatter her body. On top of that she’s wearing a black jacket with white dots all over it and brown shoes. Fans had mixed reactions to the dress, some think it’s good to be experimental while others can’t understand why the stylist is giving Chaeyoung such an unflattering dress.

Check out the video of their arrival at the airport below:

What do you think of the dress? do you like it?

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