TWICE Chaeyoung Scared About Photo Leaked Without Her Consent

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TWICE Chaeyoung has worried fans after sharing this recent post to TWICE’s official Instagram account.

On March 11, TWICE Chaeyoung shared a photo of herself wearing a bikini top and shorts, however, unlike the sweet photo, the caption scared and worried fans.

She wrote,

“A photo I didn’t upload has been shared somewhere else. This is scary. Let us not do this :)”

It seems that Chaeyoung is aware a photo of her has been shared without her consent and has made her worries public to her fans. It seems to be that Chaeyoung is distraught and scared by this incident.

Fans have shown their concern for her privacy and safety, many writing comments such as,

“Stay strong Chaeyoung!! I don’t know what is the problem with these people -_- Please, respect her privacy! She is a human too.”

“Whoever did that have no sense of privacy.”

“Unnie don’t be scared. We’re with you all time.”


“Don’t hurt our Chaeyoung!”

“These people don’t respect idols privacy.”

“Come on fans respect her privacy. She’s a human too. We have to take care of her.”

In the comment section of her post, ONCE assured her they will always be by her side protecting her however they can.

The photo in question and where it was originally uploaded is still not clear, some say Chaeyoung had uploaded it to her Kakaotalk profile while others say its not true. Regardless, its scary that her private photos were leaked without her consent like this.

JYP Entertainment hasn’t released a response to the matter.

What do you think of this?


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제가 올리지도 않은 사진이 어딘가에서 올라왔네요 무섭네요 그런건 하지맙시다 🙂

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