TWICE And EXO Falsely Linked To Jung Joon Young Controversy, SM And JYP Promise Strict Legal Action

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TWICE and EXO have been the target of malicious false comments by netizens linking them to the ongoing controversy surrounding singer Jung Joon Young and the chatroom where illegally filmed videos of women without their consent were shared.

The controversy first started by SBS FunE report and was later covered in more details by SBS News. SBS reported that Jung Joon Young had been sharing illegally taken footage of hidden camera in various chatrooms. The report also states there are other celebrities in the chatrooms who engaged in conversations with Jung Joo Young about the alleged illegally taken footage.

There are many people involved in the chatrooms and since media outlets only shared initials netizens have been looking for clues of who could be involved in the serious controversy.

Unfortunately, many innocent idols were wrongly accused of being involved in the controversy simply because they were either linked to Jung Joon Young or simply because the initials of the chatroom men/women mentioned matched.

Soon, rumors started spreading claiming that an EXO member is involved in the controversy. SM Entertainment immediately responded to those rumors and announced they would take strict legal action on behalf of EXO in regards to those rumors.

SM Entertainment quickly shut them down before they became more serious as such rumors can damage both EXO and the agency. SM Entertainment wrote in an official statement declaring they would be taking strong legal action against those who spread the rumors and asked for fans to help them by reporting the netizens who spread those serious false rumors.

EXO were not the only victims, TWICE were also linked to the controversy by malicious netizens who meant to harm the girls’ image. Some malicious netizens wrote that a TWICE member was one of the girls in a video shared in the chatrooms. There was allegedly a video of a famous girl group member that was shared in the chatrooms.

JYP Entertainment was made aware of the serious defamatory rumors immediately and swung into action. They released a statement promising strict legal actions against anyone who spread those rumors since it can harm the girls’ images, honor, and character.

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JYP Entertainment added in their statement that they are currently collecting evidence and planning what do discussing with various lawyers, they will sue those who spread the malicious rumors for cyber defamation, libel and any other laws applicable. They also asked for fans’ help in collecting evidence.

EXO and TWICE fans were extremely furious with the allegations relating to their favorite groups. Reading SM and JYP statements, fans became happy to see that both agencies shut down the rumors immediately and will take legal action against online trolls and haters.

On the other hand, the general public continues to ask the police to share the names of the idols in the chatroom messages. Not only EXO and TWICE were falsely linked to this but many other idols who previously interacted with Jung Joo Young were being linked to this.

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