TWICE Achieves An All-Kill On Charts With “What is Love?”

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One of the hottest Kpop girl groups is back and back with another hit!

TWICE came back with a new mini album on April 9 at 6 p.m. KST, they released their newest mini album titled “What is Love?” along with a title track of the same name.

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The song first entered the charts in first place an hour after its release, they became the first girl group to do so since the chart reform which took place in February 2017.

Fans are super excited about the newest TWICE hit song, the song is written by non-other than Park Jin Young himself, the song has accumulated more than 7.9 million views 9 hours after its release and it looks like its heading for another YouTube record.

What do you think of the newest TWICE song?

My reaction

I like the song, I think its my favorite song of TWICE so far.

After JYP ruined/written “Signal” I was afraid he was going to do it again when I found out that he is writing this song.

The song isn’t too addictive and isn’t half bad, it’s like every other girl group Kpop song and I like it.

I am not a TWICE fan (merely a spectator) but I like the girls concept and the fact that sort of strayed away from cutie concept this time. The MV is also very cute and well made.

All the best to the cutest hottest girl group!

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